Mississippi Hospital Association Outstanding Rural Hospital Award Video

Mississippi Hospital Association – Outstanding Rural Hospital Award

Mississippi Hospital Association MHA LogoI wanted to take a minute to tell you about a pretty special day we had this week. On Tuesday morning, a good number of the amazing people on what we like to call “Team North Sunflower” took a few minutes to celebrate North Sunflower Medical Center being named the Mississippi Hospital Association’s Outstanding Rural Hospital of the Year.

In the Beacon Wellness Center, we welcomed MHA president and CEO Timothy Moore, a number of local dignitaries from all across the Delta and some from even further across Mississippi. We had some wonderful cake and summer-tea, and I especially enjoyed sharing my sincere thanks with the truly dedicated professionals who consistently come to work everyday fully committed to making North Sunflower what it is today. They make real the vision of Mr. Billy Marlow, our Executive Director – a very humble and capable soul who has been the architect of our entire system, and thru his dedication and tireless efforts have improved the lives of so many.

Mississippi Hospital Association – Outstanding Rural Hospital Award Video from Jim Burt on Vimeo.

And then (as soon as lunch was over) we went right back to work, providing the highest levels of service and quality – EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE, TO EVERY PERSON, IN EVERYTHING WE DO.

You see, we recognize there are a number of good healthcare providers in the Delta. But you put your trust in us. To keep it, North Sunflower Medical Center will continue to invest in technology and specialty services with the goal of enhancing the overall health of Sunflower County and the many surrounding communities.

We believe in exceptional patient-centered care, utilizing current clinical best practices, expanding clinical services through partnerships, and remaining a vibrant Community Health Organization centered on improving the lives of people in the Delta. We maintain our commitment to provide excellent, predictable and measureable health care services delivered by competent and compassionate professionals.

As an old man once said, “If we’d wanted applause, we’d have joined the circus.” We’re proud of the recognition, happy that people beyond Ruleville see our hard work, and are always pleased to celebrate as a team. We know sustaining your trust is a tall order, and our dedicated team members commit themselves to consistently maintaining these principles. They show up daily, work hard and are passionate about our mission. And I’m truly blessed to be a part of their team.

Thank you.

Sam Miller, CEO

Sam Miller