The Sunflower Clinic is open 7 days a week from 8am until 12am for non-emergent psychological, medical, and social services.

Sunflower Clinic is staffed by Physicians, Certified Nurse Practitioners and Licensed Nursing Staff for your medical needs. Sunflower Clinic is located off the main entrance into the drive of North Sunflower Medical Center.

We love what we do, that is why people in the Delta are now saying, “Take Me To Ruleville”.

Meet the Oops Family

Now introducing Sunflower Clinic Pediatric Services with Pediatrician Dr. Salleyann Jessie Ganpot

For more information call, (662) 756-4024. Walk-ins welcome!

Lena Graves, Practice Manager : (662) 756-1702
Brooks Rizzo, FNP Provider Relations Coordinator : (662) 756-4024
Jackie Collins, Healthcare Financial Analyst : (662) 756-2021
Regina Duvall, Revenue Cycle Manger, SRHC : (662) 756-3123
Amanda Christmas, RN Nursing Supervisor : (662)756-1610
Kristi Smith, RN Nursing Assistant Supervisor : (662)756-4024


Adelo Aquino, MD

The Sunflower Clinic

Lamberto Cosue, MD

North Sunflower Medical Center

Rodney Frothingham, MD

Neurosurgeon at The Sunflower Clinic

Jerry Tankersley, DMD

Dental Nursing Home Team

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