North Sunflower Medical Center offers a range of short-term, solution oriented treatment options for adults and seniors.  Our care is personal, confidential and comprehensive.


Free Clinical Assessment Services

  • Confidential evaluations to identify problem areas and treatment options
  • Treatment recommendations based upon assessment findings and psychiatric consultation
  • Assistance with referrals to the treatment program of the patient’s/family’s choice
  • Scheduled Assessments provided free of charge


Senior Adult Psychiatric Programs

Our senior psychiatric program is specifically designed to address common difficulties experienced by seniors, such as memory loss, confusion, declining physical abilities, decreased social activity, depression and other mood changes, loss of friends and loved ones, and an inability to maintain daily living skills.  We provide:

  • A range of multidisciplinary clinical assessments including medical examinations, psychiatric evaluations and pharmacist review of medications and interactions
  • Individual and group therapies
  • Medication management
  • Educational groups
  • Recreational therapy groups
  • All private rooms with private baths
  • Short-term, inpatient, hospital-based therapy
  • Discharge planning and implementation
  • 24 hour nursing care
  • Nutritionist and other full-service hospital personnel committed to improving patients’ health

If you or someone you care about is experiencing emotional, behavioral or psychological difficulty, call North Sunflower Medical Center to speak with a qualified mental health professional.  Assessments services are confidential and free of charge.


Contact Information

Denise Harris, RN, BSN – Senior Care Nurse Manager – 662-756-9910
Jordan Langston, LSW – Senior Care Social Services – 662-756-9910
Leslie Warrington – Director of Behavioral Health – 662-756-1643

The Sunrise is an outpatient-counseling center, which assists the adult population to return to an emotional and mental well-being. The Sunrise Clinic is designed to provide outpatient therapy in a comfortable, home like environment. Patients are provided three interactive group sessions per day with a licensed professional counselor. A board certified psychiatrist visits the participants once per week for medical management and individual sessions. Patients participate in the program for approximately 4 hours, 2 to 5 days per week. Services are offered Monday – Friday.

The Sunrise provides therapeutic groups that allow patients an opportunity to explore and identify positive coping skills in an effort to improve their emotional and mental well-being. We also provide free transportation to our patients who have no means to attend our program. We have wheelchair accessible vans and trained drivers.

What to expect

Program participants will discover that being in the treatment program is an unparalleled opportunity to create new and positive relationships with others in like circumstances.  A willingness to listen to others, to shares one’s own experiences, and learn about the disease process is the primary requirement for the program to be successful.

What is Treatment Like?

The primary approach of treatment is small group therapy.  Therapeutic treatments, educational sessions, specialty groups,and individual sessions are included.

The First Few Days

The first few days can often be challenging for most participants as they are encounter new ways of thinking and coping.  Discussing feeling and sharing openly with others is usually foreign and hard at first.  Resistance to change is normal and is usually encountered in those first few days as participants are asked to adopt new daily habits, rituals and are assisted in establishing realistic, appropriate and attainable goals.

Like preparing for a marathon, until the body adjusts to the rigors of a strict running and workout regimen, it can be painful and frustrating.  However, as participants progress through the program and begin to see personal progress, they often embrace and enjoy the support of a group and the accountability that goal setting provides.  And, like marathon or race training, what was at first difficult, soon becomes a normal and even welcome part of daily life.

The Sunrise Clinic offers two locations:

  • 628 Bryon Street on the campus of NSMC in Ruleville, MS 662-756-1630

For a private outpatient session with Dr. Margaret Cassada or Ginny Pantin, LCSW, contact 662-756-1630 to schedule an appointment.

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