Application For Employment

Simply the best!  The following applies to full-time employees, unless otherwise indicated:


**PERS (Public Employees Retirement System)

    • Effective immediately
    • Employee still pays 9%.  Employer pays 15.75%
    • Full-time/part-time must work a minimum of 20 hours per week to be eligible
    • 100% vested after 8 years

**MS Deferred Compensation

  • Eligible after 90 days (Voluntary Enrollment)
  • Offers pre-taxed investment savings as additional retirement


**Health Insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield of MS)

  • Effective after 30 days
  • Employer pays a portion of single & family

**Voluntary Dental (Companion Life)

  • Eligible after 90 days

**Voluntary Benefits (Allstate/American Heritage, Always Vision)

  • Eligible for enrollment after 90 days
  • Disability/Accident, Cancer, Life, Critical Illness, Heart & Stroke, Vision, etc.

**Cafeteria Plan

  • A pre-taxed savings on eligible benefits
  • Effective after 90 days for full-time employees

**Life Insurance

  • Provided by the hospital
  • No cost to the member
  • Based on annual salary ( 2x for AD&D)

**Long Term Disability

  • Provided by the hospital
  • Based on annual salary and pays up to $1500



  • Accrual begins on first payroll ( Eligible to use after 90 days)
  • Full-time and part-time who are regularly scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week
  • Six paid holidays
  • Vacation and Holidays are accrued together as Paid Time Off
  • 0-5 years—-5.85 hours accrued per 80 hours equals 19 days annually;
  • 5 years+ —- 7.38 hours accrued per 80 hours equals 24 days annually
  • Three of the six holidays are paid at double the hourly rate when worked (Thanksgiving, Christmas and July 4th) Does not apply to exempt employees

**Extended Illness Days (EID)

  • Effective after 90 days
  • Accrual begins on first payroll

**Credit Union (MS Public Employees Credit Union)

  • Eligible after 90 days (Voluntary enrollment)
  • Payroll deduction for savings or other financial services

**Jury Duty

  • Effective Immediately
  • Salary continues without interruption, any monies paid to employee by the court , minus travel, must be turned into payroll
  • Must present verification of dates attended from Circuit Clerks office for salary to continue


**Direct Deposit

  • Bank of Choice
  • Mandatory for all employees

Come and see why people in the Delta are now saying
“Take Me To Ruleville”

“North Sunflower Medical Center is a wonderful place to work. Nurses are caring and understanding and our patients make it all worth wild. At the end of the day, we know our patients have received the care and understanding they deserve. Nurses enjoy the family atmosphere and teamwork that goes into teamwork that goes into making sure our patient’s needs are met. When our patients are happy, we’re happy. Come join us at North Sunflower Medical Center where nursing is still an art of compassion.”

-Blondine Brown, RN, Community Nurse

Promoting a Culture of Integrity and Ethical Behavior

What is corporate compliance?
It is a program which supports North Sunflower Medical Centers Commitment to follow standards of conduct which insure we are in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

How do I recognize compliance issues in the workplace?
Here are some common examples of compliance issues / behaviors that all employees need to know:

  • Never read another employee’s medical record without permission
  • Never use another person’s password to access confidential information
  • Always provide complete medical documentation for services performed
  • Only bill for tests performed
  • Only discuss a patient’s condition with those involved in the patient’s care

Why is compliance important to me?
Compliance affects us all. As an employee of North Sunflower Medical Center, you are expected to:

  • Carry out your job duties with integrity and honestly
  • Learn and understand what laws and regulations apply to your position and comply with those requirements
  • Exercise good judgment and do the right thing when performing your job
  • Report suspected compliance violations or errors to Administration at North Sunflower Medical Center

Corporate Compliance Reporting:
(662) 756-2711 Ext: 201 or 202 or E-mail

In 1876, group of early settlers occupied the area we now know as Ruleville; many of them have decedents in the community today. Names such as:

  • Edmondson
  • Henson
  • Marlow
  • Marshall
  • Rule
  • Tackett

In 1892 the Ruleville post-office was establish and the mail came by horseback or wagon.

A Village Charter was obtained in 1899 with a land acquisition by the family of Mary Jane Rule. With the coming of the Yazoo Delta railroad which ran from Moorhead to Ruleville; Ruleville grew by leaps and bounds. The story goes that the term “Yaller Dawg” came from a mispronunciation by an African American who said the Y.D. for the Yazoo Delta Railroad stood for “Yaller Dawg due to all the yellowed colored mud that often made the train jump the tracks.

By the turn of the century Ruleville had a total population of 226.

In the early 1900’s there were 3 public gins one of which was owned by the Rule brothers, a family practitioner and an excellent public school system.

The first school was conducted in a 14 X 8 one room wood frame building in 1903 with a class size of 15 pupils.

1906 there were 20 business houses all in a flourishing condition.

In 1907 a new school house was erected and was destroyed by a cyclone in 1913. Bonds were sold and a brick building was erected 1914. It consisted of 6 classrooms, an assembly and an auditorium and was known as the Old White School House”.

In 1920 Ruleville was a thriving town of over 1000 inhabitants. The Planters bank and trust company was established in 1923 and grew out of a need for more banking facilities with a capital stock of 50,000 dollars. The bank’s resources grew to over a million dollars by 1936.

The new high school was erected in 1935 and burned to the ground in 1965. It was replaced with a temporary tin structure and that was replaced with the brick structure we see today.

2000 statistics for Ruleville, Mississippi from US Census

  • Total Population – 3234
  • Housing Units – 1096
  • Education – 1886 Total Students in the Public School System
  • Population with less than 9th grade education 475
  • Population from 9 – 12th grade with no diploma 313
  • College graduates – 298
  • Employment Status – Pop 16 years and over 2358
  • In labor force 1215 Not in labor force 1143


  • Healthcare/Education/Social Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Administration
  • Retail Trade
  • Agriculture/Fishing/forestry/hunting/mining


 Ruleville  Mississippi  US
 Household  23,036  34,278  44,334
 Per capita  11,664  15,853  21,587

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