Dr. Sallyann Ganpot, MD - Pediatrician

The Mystery of Colic / Pediatric Open House

by Dr. Sallyann Ganpot, MD, FAAP – Pediatrician

Dr. Sallyann Ganpot, MD, FAAP - Pediatric specialist

Dr. Sallyann Ganpot, MD, FAAP – Pediatrician

The Mystery of Colic

If a parent of a newborn tells you they have everything under control, you might listen closely to find other things they are willing to lie about. The first months of parenthood are a beautifully life-affirming mix of joy, confusion, exhaustion, elation and self doubt.

For parents of a colicky baby, the pressure surrounding this new chapter of life can be intense. Colic describes healthy babies that gain weight and develop normally, but cry a lot and can be hard to comfort. Opinions vary on the causes of colic, but the effect is usually fussy babies and frustrated parents.

At North Sunflower Medical Center, many parents report to us babies whose crying is intense, up to 3 to 5 hours per day – frequently at the same time of day. It usually occurs late in the afternoon or early evening. The best advice for parents of a baby with colic is to visit your child’s doctor to make sure the problem is not another, more serious problem.

We wish we had a set of TOP Secret North Sunflower Medical Center Tips for Calming a Colicky Babies, but the real answer is just more common sense. Swaddle and hold babies when they are crying. Turn on a calming noise and rock them in a crib (or walk them around the house). You may try changing up their diet in case food sensitivity is causing the problem and avoid overfeeding your baby. Limit naps to three hours, and pacifiers or letting them suck on fingers can be a big help.

Lastly, it’s often a good idea to keep a diary of when your child eats, sleeps, cries and laughs. Then talk with their doctor to see if their colic is related to eating or sleeping.

Dr. Sallyann Ganpot, MD, FAAP - Pediatric specialist with patients

Dr. Sallyann Ganpot, MD, FAAP – Pediatrician with patients

Pediatric Open House

We will be hosting an open house this Friday in the new Pediatric center at North Sunflower Medical Center. Please feel free to bring your baby by to say hello and talk about these, or any other questions you have about your child’s health.