Sunflower Diagnostic Center

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Nancy Moon
Director, Sunflower Diagnostic Center

Have you ever taken your mom and sister out for a day at the spa, or an afternoon shopping, or maybe just a girls lunch with the women in your family? Well, what I’m going to suggest is not as fun or relaxing as any of those, but it is much more important.

Studies show that if a member of your family (sister, mother, or grandmother) has breast cancer, your chances of developing the disease yourself double. That’s right. Double.

So, no, I’m not going to try to tell you that an afternoon getting mammography’s with the girls can be like a day at the nail salon. But you should do it anyway, as a family.

At North Sunflower Medical Center, we do everything we can to pamper our patients, treat your family like our family, and make it a relaxing, positive experience for everyone that walks through our doors.

Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, women can get a mammography for $75. We work with several insurance companies and other local programs to get the cost even lower. We have some of the most advanced medical screening equipment in the Delta, and we have worked hard to make our facilities feel warm and welcoming.

And because we know people just don’t have a lot of time, we can make appointments for mammographies, bone density scannings, pelvis ultrasounds and pap smears all on the same day.

All of us at North Sunflower Medical Center want to make sure that no mother, sister or grandmother ever has an excuse to NOT get a mammogram.

If you had a late pregnancy, no pregnancy, have a family history of breast cancer, or meet other risk factors, your insurance company may pay for annual mammograms over the age of 35. Either way, all women over 40 should have a mammogram annually.

Early detection is the key. Our technology can detect a small cancerous mass in the ducts, before it reaches the nodes of a breast, and long before it spreads to other parts of the body. That can make all the difference.

That’s why North Sunflower Medical Center is offering mammograms for $75 during breast cancer awareness month. And the rest of the year they are $99. We work hard to keep preventative health affordable. Because, like I said, we want to take away every excuse to NOT get a mammogram.