2018: The Year You Give Back to You

By Olivia Ellis

For a lot of us, January and February are the months we promise ourselves we are going to do things to improve ourselves — “new year, new you!” For each of us, that’s different.  Sometimes we try to eat a little more healthy or get more organized.  Sometimes we want to focus more on our job, while for others, we want to spend more time with family.

Here at North Sunflower Medical Center, our “New Year, New You” promise includes expanding our Women’s Health Center services to become a one-stop shop for all your needs. Currently, we provide a variety of services including mammograms, and Botox and other services primarily for women. By the end of 2018, we hope to be offering even more spa services to help you be the best looking and feeling you possible.

Hydrafacials take less than an hour. The non-invasive skin care treatment is designed to extract, infuse, and protect your skin to keep it healthy. These facials are safe for all skin types and each session can be customized to cater to your specific needs. Customizations include: age refine, skin firming, acne, and skin brightening as well as add-ons for lip and eyes. The process is designed to be the ultimate in self-care and will leave you feeling relaxed and replenished.

2018 is the year to give back to yourself and a Hydrafacial is a great way to carve out a little bit of time just for you. All Hydrafacial services are performed at Sunflower Diagnostic Center (101 East Floyce). For more information about Hydrafacials and to schedule your appointment call 662-756-2100 or email dwalyn.thomas@northsunflower.com

Whatever your goals for the new year I hope you can make time to take care of yourself and rely on North Sunflower Medical Center for all your medical needs.