CNN Behind the Scenes at North Sunflower Medical Center

CNN Profiles North Sunflower Medical Center

CNN's Digital Magazine, State, recently featured an extensive profile of North Sunflower Medical Center as part of an in-depth series on the impacts of health policy in rural America. We were happy to host the CNN crew in September and show them around Ruleville. With rural hospitals closing all over the country, we were proud to have them feature North Sunflower Medical Center as a hospital that is "beating the odds." [caption id="attachment_3217" align="aligncenter" width="909"]CNN Behind the Scenes at North Sunflower Medical Center The article includes a heart-warming video of NSMC Cardiologist, Dr. Gene Hutchinson, and his patient, Mr. Wiley King.[/caption] The CNN crew was in town for two days, interviewed dozens of people, and took photo and video of most every place they went. Everyone on our staff did a tremendous job, working to make sure patients continued to get exceptional care, even while the cameras were rolling. CNN Behind the Scenes at North Sunflower Medical Center CNN Behind the Scenes at North Sunflower Medical Center The article highlights the challenges many rural hospitals face today. At North Sunflower, we feel fortunate to survive by having a community that has rallied around us, a team of exceptional health care professionals, and patients that make coming to work every day feel like spending time with family. [caption id="attachment_3220" align="aligncenter" width="938"]CNN Behind the Scenes at North Sunflower Medical Center Today, the hospital is thriving even as many rural hospitals struggle to stay open and serve their communities. Its staff has more than tripled, as has the size of its health clinic. Patients come from miles away to get basic care or see a growing number of specialists.[/caption] You can read the article and watch the video by clicking HERE.
National Heart Month

We ❤️ February! National Heart Month

By Alice Pyles Director of Radiology We love February. Not just because this week was Valentine’s Day, but February is National Heart Month. To celebrate we are doing full heart screenings for $125. Mississippians have the highest mortality from heart disease in the nation. Like everywhere else in the country, heart disease is among the leading causes of death among adults in the Delta. With heart disease claiming the lives of 1 in 4 Americans, chances are, we all know someone who had their lives shortened by a heart attack, stroke or some other cardiovascular disease. With February being National Heart Month, we wanted to do something.

They say you can’t put a price on good health, but $125 to know your heart is healthy – that’s the next best thing. This full Heart Healthy Screening includes a CT scan of your heart to get a complete calcium scoring. It also includes ultrasounds of your carotid arteries in your neck and of your abdominal aorta that goes through the back of your heart, through your abdomen and down your legs. Lastly, our test includes a complete ABI (ankle-brachial index) to check your blood pressure throughout your extremities. Reducing the ever-increasing cost of healthcare is something every hospital in the country struggles with. In rural areas like the Delta – with hospitals closing every day – that problem is even more difficult. But our first priority is to provide the highest quality care you can get anywhere, and help the people we serve live longer healthier lives. This full battery of tests usually costs a little over $2,300, but we do them all throughout February for only $125. We can only do this one month a year because, well, this costs North Sunflower Medical Center a lot of money. But if we save just one life, it was worth it. To set up an appointment for your sweetheart, call 662-756-4000.

2018: The Year You Give Back to You

By Olivia Ellis For a lot of us, January and February are the months we promise ourselves we are going to do things to improve ourselves -- “new year, new you!” For each of us, that’s different.  Sometimes we try to eat a little more healthy or get more organized.  Sometimes we want to focus more on our job, while for others, we want to spend more time with family. Here at North Sunflower Medical Center, our “New Year, New You” promise includes expanding our Women’s Health Center services to become a one-stop shop for all your needs. Currently, we provide a variety of services including mammograms, and Botox and other services primarily for women. By the end of 2018, we hope to be offering even more spa services to help you be the best looking and feeling you possible. Hydrafacials take less than an hour. The non-invasive skin care treatment is designed to extract, infuse, and protect your skin to keep it healthy. These facials are safe for all skin types and each session can be customized to cater to your specific needs. Customizations include: age refine, skin firming, acne, and skin brightening as well as add-ons for lip and eyes. The process is designed to be the ultimate in self-care and will leave you feeling relaxed and replenished. 2018 is the year to give back to yourself and a Hydrafacial is a great way to carve out a little bit of time just for you. All Hydrafacial services are performed at Sunflower Diagnostic Center (101 East Floyce). For more information about Hydrafacials and to schedule your appointment call 662-756-2100 or email Whatever your goals for the new year I hope you can make time to take care of yourself and rely on North Sunflower Medical Center for all your medical needs. Hydrafacial
NSMC Thanks for Choosing Us

2017 in Review

It’s that time of year, again. 2017 is coming to a close. The last time we turned the calendar to a new year was filled with nervous energy. After being named the first ever Mississippi Hospital Association’s Rural Hospital of the Year, we knew 2016 was going to be hard to top. Fifty-two weeks later, we’re wondering how the next year can possibly top the wild ride 2017 had in store for the whole North Sunflower Medical Center Family.

Hospital of the Year

In March, the Mississippi Nurses Association named North Sunflower Medical Center their Hospital of The Year. It was an enormous honor for our hardworking nurses. We are still so very proud of every one of them.

Great Ruleville Roast

The Great Ruleville Roast seems to get bigger and better every year. We are always in awe of the remarkable support our entire community puts behind this truly unique event. It has always been a fun event that benefits the entire community.

Mississippi Center for Advanced Medicine

Throughout the year our staff continued to grow and new partnerships are allowing us to provide medical services that seemed impossible just months ago. The partnership we started with the Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center in 2016, has been a huge benefit to the community. Building on that success, we established a partnership with the Mississippi Center for Advanced Medicine to become the first hospital in the Delta to provide pediatric specialists to our patients.

North Sunflower on CNN

This fall, the North Sunflower family was featured in an extensive profile by CNN’s online magazine, CNN State. The video they produced told the story of one of our favorite patients, Mr. Wiley King and showed how our small-town hospital was providing health care to rural communities where most are failing.

Patient Satisfaction Award

And just last month, the Mississippi Rural Hospital Association recognized North Sunflower Medical Center with the Patient Satisfaction Award for the Critical Access Hospital Division. Awards are nice, be we are genuinely proud of the team of employees who believed a happy patient is a healthy patient – and developed a plan to make sure our patient satisfaction was as good as it possibly could be. Of course, none of this happens without the amazing, vibrant and growing community of Ruleville. Our patients, their families, our team of dedicated healthcare professionals, and the businesses that support us together have made North Sunflower Medical Center the healthcare hub of the Delta. For each day of 2017, it has been our honor to serve you. We can’t wait for 2018.

The Holiday Headache: Sinusitis

One of the interesting things about Ruleville this time of year is our weather. We like to tell people we really only get two seasons -- summer and bad sinuses season. Around the holidays, instead of colorful fall foliage that you might get other places, we see a lot more red, itchy eyes and colorful runny noses. Sinusitis is among the most common diagnoses for those who visit North Sunflower Medical Center complaining of coughing, sinus pressure, congestion, postnasal drainage and headaches. One in eight adults suffers from sinusitis today. Often, patients misdiagnose themselves as simply suffering from seasonal allergies or a persistent cold. While medications such as nasal sprays, antibiotics and antihistamines can provide temporary relief, many times they do not solve the problem. Sinus Stent Sinus Stent Dr. Pearson Windham – our NSMC Ear, Nose and Throat specialist – has started working with the PROPEL Sinus Stent for those chronic sinus patients who have tried and failed to find relief from medications alone for those pounding headaches and sneezing fits that spread through the Delta this time of year. The innovative treatment is a medicated, lightweight dissolvable stent that is placed after sinus surgery. It helps keep the sinus cavities open and steadily delivers local anti-inflammatory medication to the healing sinus tissue. The stent remains there for a few weeks, utilizing a spring-like mechanism to open up the nasal passageway. At the same time, it provides anti-inflammatory therapy to enhance healing. The stent slowly dissolves on its own, and no removal is necessary. If you’re interested in enjoying Christmas season WITHOUT congested sinuses or a persistent cough, call Dr. Windham. He’d love to talk with you.

Watch a video about the PROPEL Sinus Stent here:

Patient Satisfaction Award

North Sunflower Wins Patient Satisfaction Award

Look who Just Picked Up the Mississippi Rural Hospital Association Patient Satisfaction Award

By Hannah Barrett As you might have heard us say, patient satisfaction is a job we take seriously. Very seriously. A happy patient is a healthy patient. Over the past two years, we put a plan in place to measure and track how satisfied our patients were whenever they left our facilities. Over time, we’ve seen movement, made some necessary adjustments, and this month, all that hard work won. Big Time. Last week, the Mississippi Rural Hospital Association recognized North Sunflower Medical Center with the Patient Satisfaction Award for the "Critical Access Hospital Division". Here’s how that happened: The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) is a patient satisfaction survey required by CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) for all hospitals in the United States. These numbers are very important. It’s an important survey that the public has access to and actually proves how we are doing on a day to day basis with meeting the needs of our patients. We have worked extremely hard over the course of the last couple of years to improve our HCAHPS scores. It’s pretty simple to receive a complaint and be able to address the employee and go on about your business; however, HCAHPS is different. If there’s one patient that gives a bad review it can dramatically decrease your scores. We have taken a dramatically different approach, by keeping everyone in the NSMC family (our staff members, doctors, nurses, and administrators) up to date on how we are doing each time the numbers are released. We have changed several different processes to ensure the patients are better cared for, which in return has increased our percentages. We make sure a social worker, discharge coordinator, pharmacist, member of the administration, and case manager see each patient prior to discharge. This has helped to make sure the patients have a better understanding of their medications and it helps to identify any needs they have for their upcoming discharge. Here at North Sunflower Medical Center, we believe in customer service. We try to explain to all of our newly hired employees that we are a family here at North Sunflower. If we treat our patients as family, as well as our co-workers, our scores will continue to improve. Receiving this award has been a great accomplishment. It is a piece of encouragement for all of our staff members to know that hard work pays off.