Mississippi Sports Medicine

Mississippi Sports Medicine Comes to NSMC

Mississippi Sports Medicine Comes to North Sunflower Medical Center

There’s no question you have to be a little creative to be a small town hospital these days.

At North Sunflower Medical Center, we believe people in small towns in Mississippi have the same rights to quality treatment as people living in Jackson or Biloxi. We also believe quality care means providing as many services as possible.

The way we see it, it’s not quality care if you can get treatment in Ruleville for some things but then still have to drive to Greenville or Memphis for others. We want to provide exceptional care for as many ailments, illnesses, maladies, accidents, aches, pains or general discomforts as possible – not matter how many (or how few) patients need them.

That’s where the creativity comes into play.

When Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center reached out to us looking for clinic space, we jumped at the chance for a partnership. By listening to our patients, we knew Ruleville needed quality orthopedic care. Mississippi Sports Medicine is the only full-service provider of specialized orthopedic care in the state, and they share the North Sunflower passion for providing the highest quality of care available.

Their commitment to professionalism and improving technologies make them a great fit for the North Sunflower Medical Center family. So, starting July 12, you’ll be able to get the best orthopedic care in the state, from the most advanced orthopedic specialists in Mississippi right here in Ruleville.

We’re proud Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center saw Ruleville as a good fit for them, but we’re even more proud that patients in our community can continue to get the best care right here in Ruleville.

Requests for appointments can be made online at www.mississippisportsmedicine.com, via phone at (800) 624-9168, or from the MSM mobile app for iOS and Android.

Jeff D. Almand, M.D. - Hip & Knee Total Joint Specialist

Jeff D. Almand, M.D.
Hip & Knee Total Joint Specialist

Walter R. Shelton, M.D. - Lower Extremity - Hip and Knee Specialist

Walter R. Shelton, M.D.
Lower Extremity – Hip and Knee Specialist

James W. O'Mara, M.D. - Lower Extremity - Hip and Knee Specialist

James W. O’Mara, M.D.
Lower Extremity – Hip and Knee Specialist

E. Rhett Hobgood, M.D. - Upper Extremity Shoulder and Elbow Specialist

E. Rhett Hobgood, M.D.
Upper Extremity Shoulder and Elbow Specialist

Aster Awards 2016

North Sunflower Medical Center Wins Aster Awards


By Robyn Marlow


Sometimes you talk. Sometimes you listen.

We think both are very important to providing the best quality care. We listen to our patients and depend on them to tell us how they are feeling – long beyond the time they walk out our doors. We also talk with them, and explain how we can help them be healthy.

We think this is a key part of what makes North Sunflower Medical Center different. We also know it is important that everyone in our community know all we do to help keep Ruleville – and people throughout the Delta – stay healthy and active. After all, North Sunflower is your hospital too.

Recently we told you about the new efforts we are taking to better understand our patients’ experiences when they come to us for treatment. We are also working hard to tell the North Sunflower story to everyone who will listen. And that effort getting noticed.

Last week, North Sunflower Medical Center was awarded five Aster Awards – including two Gold and two Silver awards – for excellence in healthcare marketing and advertising.


Our partners at Whitfield Media helped us bring home the Aster Awards for our sleep center commercial, diabetes telehealth network health fair flyer, and our “Oops” family commercial series.

North Sunflower Medical Center also received Aster Awards for work done by Manning Signs, Inc. for our medical equipment van design, and Mediagin for the medical center pharmacy website.


Of course, getting national recognition for hard work is nothing new for us, but it’s another example of how we’re proud that every member of our North Sunflower family strives to be the absolute best at everything we do.

North Sunflower Pharmacy Website


North Sunflower Medical Center Admissions

North Sunflower Patient Satisfaction

Sam MillerA message from our CEO, Sam Miller:


“Simple things shouldn’t be so complicated.

Every one of us at North Sunflower Medical Center want to provide the best possible care around. To do that, we need to be constantly asking our patients how they feel about the job we do. Nearly every organization – from a local restaurant, to Amazon, to Walmart – have all forms of complex customer service surveys to see how they can better serve their customers. In fact, even the IRS sends “satisfaction” surveys to people they have recently audited. But federal law prohibits hospitals from reaching out patients after a visit to ask, “How’d we do?”

There are lots of good reasons for this, most importantly your right to keep conversations with your doctor private. But to reach our goal of continuous improvement, we needed to know where we did a good job, and where we need to do better. So this year, we started a partnership with J.L. Morgan & Associates to find a new solution that helps monitor and track patient experiences.

It’s all entirely voluntary and anonymous. They call to ask a few questions, and then report back the total numbers to us. Because they are entirely separate from North Sunflower Medical Center, they are allowed to ask you things we cannot. Questions like, “Did you doctor clearly explain your treatment options?” Or, “Was your room clean?”

We now get patient satisfaction reports every three months. This has allowed us to change the way we care for you. For example, we saw in the report last December that about 70% of patients said they “Always” received help as soon as they asked for it. This number was above the national average for hospitals, but we felt we could do better.

North Sunflower Medical Center Patient Satisfaction

We shared these patient satisfaction numbers with our exceptional team of committed healthcare professionals, and asked them to come up with a plan to cut response times on all patient requests. We also wanted to better explain how we care for patients each step of the way – so no one would ever feel like their requests weren’t our first priority.

It’s working. In three months, the number of North Sunflower Medical Center patients who said they “Always” received help as soon as they asked for it went up 17 percent (from 70% to almost 87%). That’s better than 90% of all hospitals in the country, but still not where we want it to be. And by asking you where we can do better, we know we are going provide you and your family with even higher quality care.

We are proud that North Sunflower Medical Center is above the national average in 10 of the 11 patient satisfaction categories we track. We are especially proud that almost 90% of our patients report that our nurses “Always” communicate well, and that almost 95% say our doctors do too.

In the coming weeks, we are going to be working on making sure we understand when our patients are in any form of pain, and what we are doing to help manage their discomfort. And we are making sure patients know all they need to do to speed their recovery at home, after they leave our care.

Providing exceptional care is the most important way North Sunflower Medical Center serves this community. We do that by investing in the latest technology, hiring the most talented people, and taking care of the basics. Simply listening to your feedback, and hearing your honest answers aren’t the most high tech things we do around here. But working to be better doesn’t always have to be so complicated.”

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Newsletter

Dear Section Members:

Happy Spring to all. As I wrote this, Colorado was bracing for the 2nd spring blizzard of 2016 – no kidding! Since our last newsletter, I had the privilege of attending CSM 2016 in Anaheim, CA. For those of you who were able to attend CSM 2016, I’m sure you will agree that the conference was another smashing success thanks to the outstanding work of our education committee. At CSM 2016, we hosted a new informal event as a way to engage CVP Section members – we called the event a “Coffee Meet and Greet” – and I think it was another of CSM’s “smashing successes”. We hope to continue with this event in the future.

If you attended the CVP Section Business Meeting, you would have heard that the CVP Section Board of Directors is in the process of revising the CVP Section Strategic Plan which will guide our activities over the next 3 to 5 years. We also created and debated new Mission and Vision Statements, as well as an update to our Organizational Values. In this newsletter, I would like to introduce the new Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Section Mission Statement: “Optimizing human movement and health by advancing cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapist practice, education and research excellence.”

A mission statement communicates the purpose of an organization by concisely outlining the goals and objectives of that organization. I believe we have captured the ambitions of the CVP Section in this statement – we will promote excellence in practice, education and research for all physical therapists and physical therapist assistants which will positively impact all of our stakeholders – from our patients to our referral sources to APTA to our legislatures to our section members.

In future newsletters, you will hear more about the strategic plan. I value your comments. As always, I encourage you to feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or if you would just like to chat.


Daniel Malone PT, PhD, CCS President

Full Article

North Sunflower Medical Center is “Economic Powerhouse” for Ruleville

North Sunflower Medical Center in Ruleville is in the Delta Business Journal's Special Report on Ruleville

The Delta Business Journal did a sizable write up on our beloved Ruleville in their April edition. In addition to calling North Sunflower Medical Center an ‘Economic Powerhouse,’ they also mentioned the 5,000 square foot expansion of our state-of-the-art clinic.  It is the new home of two doctors just joining the North Sunflower Family.  The story also talked a lot about the sense of strong community involvement here in Ruleville, something we all take pride in.  The DBJ quoted Becky Tollison: “Our little town is really special. The hospital has just blossomed. The hospital keeps this little town going, but also [Ruleville’s] leaders.”

You can read the entire article here:  April 2016 Delta Business Journal: Ruleville

North Sunflower nurses learn to think outside the box

North Sunflower nurses learn to think outside the box

Written by  Anne Preus

  Brenda Deaton and Mary Helen Wasson incorporate creative thinking strategies in the Leadership Training for Nurses on Friday. The day’s activities encouraged participants to think outside the box as North Sunflower Medical Center’s nurse management staff completed this professional development component.

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Wellness Scanning Solution for Employees to Show at SHRM


DALLAS, June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — FreshLoc Technologies wholly owned subsidiary, Wello Inc., will demonstrate a marvel and wellness innovation, the welloStation™ at the Society for Human Resources Management Association Annual Conference and Expo, 2015, in Las Vegas, June 28-July 1. Wello Inc. has developed a non-contact, non-medical intervention that makes wellness visible. Wello takes ‘focus on your strengths’ to a new level, and that level is ‘focus on your wellness…’

By identifying well employees, sick workers are deterred and absenteeism falls rapidly. Wello will bring welloStations and hand-outs to SHRM with information about wellness in hospitals, clinics, seniors’ residences, rehabilitation centers, dentists, schools, prisons and various kinds of employers.

An example of welloStation’s success can be seen in the video of a study of a client North Sunflower Medical Center:

Video: http://youtu.be/ALuqY0ZaHgs

Distributor: Medical Grade Innovations

Wello Inc.’s booth at SHRM is located in the wellness section. This form of social responsibility has immediate ROI, saving lives, money and even improving your community’s wellness. Detection is deterrence and what CEO Rik Heller refers to as Wello’s desire to “make wellness epidemic.”

According to CEO Rik Heller, epidemics are spread by a very few number of the sickened people called superspreaders. Superspreaders merely are those that present themselves in public, fevered and thereby contagious. No fever, no contagiousness. By deterring this practice, influenza epidemics nearly pass over the places where Wello is used. “Wello Inc. is excited to present welloStation at SHRM, 2015,” says Heller.

About Wello Inc.
The welloStation provides organizations with a quick, automated, no-touch body temperature screening tool for employees, visitors, suppliers and all others who enter their facility. welloStation is a fun, fast, futuristic Measurement data is stored in the HIPAA compliant welloCloud® storage system for compliance and reporting purposes. Stop contagions from entering your facility with fever screening of all individuals entering your facility. Consistent and continuous screening from welloStation™ will lower HAI (Healthcare Associated Infections), stop employee absenteeism at your company and keep the community healthier. welloStation™ keeps productivity high and workers working well.

Wello Inc. is committed to the care and safety of employees and patients. wello® is a subsidiary of FreshLoc Technologies®, pioneer in patient care and safety through temperature monitoring systems. Visit welloinc.com.

Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150610/222159LOGO

SOURCE Wello Inc.

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