Vision Statement

North Sunflower Medical Center strives to be the rural healthcare hub of the Delta. We are committed to being the provider of choice of appropriate clinical services and the recognized leader in providing high quality healthcare. We offer exceptional patient-centered care utilizing current clinical best practices, expand clinical services through partnerships, and remain a vibrant community healthcare organization. We improve access to primary and specialty care, enhance our facilities, and remain fiscally responsible. We provide the safest care environment for our patients, their families, employees, professional staff, and volunteers.

Mission Statement

North Sunflower Medical Center exists to improve the lives of people in the Delta. We work together with the community as a family.
We are committed to providing excellent, predictable, and measurable healthcare services that are delivered by competent and compassionate professionals. This will be done regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or national origin.

The strategies for achieving this vision are:

  • People – We invest in people that share a commitment to our vision. We work together as a family and show our concern, compassion, knowledge, and respect for each other and for our community.
  • Quality – The awareness of the quality of care is important to both our community and our family of employees. Technology helps us measure and improve quality.
  • Service to Community and Patients – Service builds trust. It’s what the community remembers and it distinguishes us from the competition. We will continue to raise the bar for service in the Delta and in the State of Mississippi.
  • Finance – Financial success provides basic security. We invest in people, in the community, and in the newest healthcare technologies. It’s important we all understand finance and provide patient-friendly and timely billing to the community.
  • Growth – Growth creates stability and helps us be competitive through increased services to the community. Growth reflects our success.

The strategies come together into a wheel of action that show how NSMC will be the rural healthcare hub of the Delta:

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